Guttering & Maintenance Packages

Dual Flow Gutter Liners

Dual Flow Gutter Liner is manufactured using high quality Powder Coated steel liner bonded with EPDM membrane.

The gutter liner can eliminate many problems due to being installed into the existing gutter, consequently causing no disruption and maintaining the existing gutter capacity.

Dual Flow Gutter Liner System is a cost effective and a lightweight alternative as it eliminates the need to remove or modify the existing sheeting.

Expansion and contraction is accommodated using the system expansion joint, however due to the double sealed joint on initial application ultimately provides an joint free rubber membrane lining.

The profile is designed to suit each individual gutter length and can be cut to size required. Dual Roofing (London) Limited will undertake complete installation.

Maintenance on your Roof and Gutters

As the United Kingdom’s wet weather is unavoidable, we know that your roof might be suffering, but with our services we could provide you with the options to Re-roof, Roof Maintenance or Roof repairs, but a lot of problems on a roof can be caused just by simply neglect.

Lane Roofing can carry out annual roof and gutter maintenance to the whole of your site and lessen the risk of you having problems with your roof over its life span.

You may be aware, that ongoing roof maintenance is important to property owners however many ignore this at the cost and due to this the roof details such as gutters decay through neglect therefore downpipes become blocked causing overflow problems. We suggest that simple regular planned maintenance along the lines of gutter cleaning will prevent this occurrence. We can undertake an annual or bi-annual valley gutter clean including a maintenance report issued to you reporting our finding and recommendations.

The Process

To carry out roof maintenance to the whole of the site, this will include cleaning out the gutters and the removal of debris. A general inspection of the roof area and any noticeable loose, filler blocks, flashing, closures or fixings to be re fixed or make temporary repair where required.

An inspection will also be carried out to the skylights and repairs or holes with super roof cement or flashing.

To clean the entire gutter back to vents collars and pipes and check all seals. Observations will also be recorded on the current state and condition of the roof and any item that may need attention in the near future.