Felt Roofing Systems

Felt is a durable and affordable solution for many roof refurbishment projects. We can recommend a three-layer application, however we do offer a single and double-layer option as well – our experienced surveyors will advise you and your company on the best approach for your projects. Low maintenance and with a choice of colour finishes, felt can be applied to a variety of different surfaces, making it the perfect roof covering in many situations.

Modern high-performance felt roofing can be installed using traditional ‘pour and roll’ or torch-applied techniques. If your site has a ‘no flame’ policy, we can also offer cold-applied felt roofing, which doesn’t use hot bitumen or gas torches.

Because we are totally independent of specific manufacturers, we are often the only organisation capable of providing the best possible solution with un-biased advice regarding every aspect of roofing projects and working with the top manufacturers. We use only high performance felts, some of which are guaranteed for up to thirty years.